St. George's Anglican Church, Clayton, Ontario


A Brief History

In 1854, Clayton was an outlying mission of the Parish of Carleton Place. In 1855, James Ennis donated land to build the first St. George church in Clayton, and a few years later, in 1867, Clayton became part of the two-point Parish of Almonte. In 1887 the name was changed to the Parish of Almonte and Clayton. The following year, the Parish of Clayton and Innisville was formed.

 Esther Dickson donated land in 1895 for a rectory to be built in Clayton, but it was decided to build a new church instead. The old church was subsequently sold, and the first service in the new stone church – the present church – was held on 23 October 1901.

 The new St. George was designed and built in a classic Edwardian architectural style, giving it a timeless look and welcoming character.